Minos Garofalakis -- Older Talks

  1. "Query Processing over Continuous Network-Data Streams" (ppt) 

  2. "Data Processing Techniques for Network Management: The NEMESIS Project" (ppt.gz) 

  3. "Approximate Query Processing: Taming the Terabytes" (ppt) (with Phillip Gibbons)
    Tutorial given at:

  4. "Data Mining Meets the Internet: Techniques for Web Information Retrieval and Network Data Management" (ppt.gz) (with Rajeev Rastogi)
    Tutorial given at:

  5. "Data Mining Meets Network Management: The NEMESIS Project" (ppt.gz)

  6. "SPIRIT: Sequential Pattern Mining with Regular Expression Constraints" (ppt.gz)

  7. "Resource Scheduling for Composite Multimedia Objects" (ps.gz)

  8. "Throughput-Competitive Admission Control for Continuous Media Databases" (ps.gz)

  9. "Query Scheduling and Optimization in Parallel and Multimedia Databases" (ps.gz)

  10. "Parallel Query Scheduling and Optimization with Time- and Space-Shared Resources" (ps.gz)